Mental health and athletes

Watching a documentary on athletes and mental health

I think we as everyday people tend to forget that the athletes we admire on TV are also human beings like you and me.

They make mistakes like you and I just it’s attached with unrealistic unexpectations put upon them by the general public accompanied by harsh criticisms, we  don’t realise how powerful and also destructive words can be especially in a day and age of digital technology where we can project hate from the other side of the world in a few clicks and send.

The reality of this situation is their not much more different from you or me and to be honest life after sport for them can be a scary world Much like the unknown for you or i .

So the next time you want to tweet, DM, inbox or whatever it is you do to project your feelings towards these human beings just remember the difference between you and them is nothing.

Peace love light ✌❤🌟



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