Authenticity and egos

Authenticity is really catching my eye 

Authenticity of emotions shedding tears and sharing your sadness with the world thats real to me there’s no ego no pride just raw feelings.

Authenticity for happiness celebrating joy in successes or life in general is a beautiful thing especially in young children.

Why do we feel the need to hide behind our ego’s our pride our machoism we as human beings spend more time being at war with ourselves an internal civil war which ultimately brings about our internal destruction and we never know what its like to live freely.

It saddens me when I see people to proud to let go or hidden behind their ego so much it becomes a comfort zone and they speak with ego act with ego and withold their  true emotions because apparently thats called being weak.

There is nothing weak about being a human being  being authentic 
Authentic is beautiful

Beautiful is authentic

Peace love light āœŒā¤šŸŒŸ

Andy. P


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