Body conscious issue

I’ve been struggling with a bit of a body conscious issue lately, yes I have lost 54kgs and yes I should be happy and confident in my body, but for some reason I’m not I am kinda sitting in a no mans land about feeling confident in myself and my body and feeling unattractive to an extent.

I was for a while quite confident in my body up until the last few months and as much as I shouldn’t I often wonder wether the opposite sex finds me attractive and then I start to question myself.
I am struggling to embrace this body I have and I am trying figure out how to do this without coming across as narcissistic even though everyone’s definition of that differs regardless.

Losing weight as I learned doesnt always quite lead to a healthy mind the old adage “healthy body healthy mind” is only a phrase used to motivate when in fact the truth is it takes me to rebuild restructure and free the inner person in us
Peace love and light



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