Socialising and anxiety

I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I have lost the want to socialise not because I have had an over active social life but because quite frankly I’m sick of asking for someone just to hang out with or I got so anxious ridden that I just cancel to avoid the disappointment or frustration.

I often see people having these friends to catch up with and quite often I have this empty feeling inside me and ask why doesn’t anyone offer me to hang out? Then the self doubt kicks in and I start to think all the negative self beating up thoughts like maybe noone wants to hang out or maybe I should just run and hide from the world its only, 

then when someone offers me out I turn it down as I feel I’ve had to beg for it as I feel like their only doing it because they feel sorry for me or that I feel I’m not worthy of it.

It’s proving very tough this socialising thing sometimes its just easier to run off and forget about the world.



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