Giving and taking

As I gave a man the last few coins in my wallet I couldn’t help but think of the quality vs quantity of giving.

We’ve become a society that would gladly take a million dollars a free car if it was given to Us but so often struggle with the idea of giving without question even if its a few dollars we seem to struggle with that concept.

I am a man that will openly admit I don’t earn big dollars live pay day to pay day I’ve become fine with that as my happiness in making do with what I have is what counts the most.

The attachment to money and materialistic property is evident through our willingness to give and the quantity in which we give rather than the quality of giving which may be the difference it makes to a persons day especially someone who has less than you even if you have less than the person before you.

When it comes to receiving focus on the action of kindness rather than the materialistic value in which it may be as quite often your reaction in receiving is a reflection of your behavior towards giving.

More or less should never matter just the idea of making a positive impact on ones life is all that should take your focus off the quantity and materialistic value and you will be surprised.

Peace love light



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