Social media and insecurity

It is so easy in today’s world to be caught up in our insecurities with modern technology and social media becoming more and more prolific.

We just have to scroll through an Instagram feed or Facebook or reddit and you can easily see why we have become such a physically insecure society, I never realised it myself when I was caught up in the mess of it all with my weight loss having a healthy body throwing around slogans “what’s your excuse” “no excuses” “just fkn lift”, ” do you even lift ” they may seem motivational on one perspective but they can allow an already insecure person to feel even more insecure.

We then feel compelled to over compensate on our exercise because these slogans and egotistical mottos challenge us and then we feel compelled to exercise our ego to seek approval from this social media outlet and what happens when we don’t get the response or engagement we had hoped or expected we develop a feeling inadequacy that were not good enough or we try harder and become so frustrated we quit.

What can we do?

  1. Love ourselves more
  2. Tell yourself “I love you”
  3. Connect with yourself rather than social media
  4. Develop more awareness to the world around you
  5. Accept your body for the beautiful specimen it is.
  6. Be kind to yourself 

A lot of the tools to survive today’s ever modernising world is within you, your heart and your mind

Peace love light



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