Self love 

Self love and me right now is a struggling concept, as I sit there and try to find out how to love myself it feels as if nothings there, feels like a vacant space, I know searching for it isn’t the way but I really want to love myself more than I do.

It feels like I have lost that part of me to date and its nowhere to be seen, it’s kinda scary to be honest as I sometimes feel like just tuning off and going to the comfort of the self despising negative attitude, as it seems easier to find and act out in feeling sorry for myself.

I honestly am feeling numb on this as I see others practicing self love I ask why can’t I why am I struggling why can’t I see the value in myself that others do, sometimes its like an empty vessel floating through space lost in dark matter.

Trying to embrace this self love thing is a challenge and I feel I have been dealt with and overcame so many that I don’t know if I can take this one head on as I would love to.

Peace love and light



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