The journey to date

Approximately 8 months ago I watched a short video on Facebook and the message was we spend more time connecting on social media than we do with ourselves.

This made me think I remember and I vividly remember making a promise to myself to connect more with myself rather than social media.

For most this concept may seem warped to some extent and for others its out of that comfort zone of the social norm, I remember the next day telling myself to leave the phone and sit on the couch with nothing but my thoughts and my now accustomed cup of black tea.

What I discovered was what I kind of expected I was caught up in a world of trying to please everyone, over compensating with my efforts and ego to a degree I had unlocked something inside me I now know I had become awakened.

All that had laid dormant inside me had now come out and all because I made a simple decision to connect with me, it’s not been an easy journey thus far by any means plenty of ups plenty of downs lots of questions with no answers, but none the less I was still learning and my awareness started to develop to the world around me.

I was shocked and still am to see the world around me and how we lack in the basics of compassion and kindness, we take more than we give(we have constantly consumed from the earth both good and bad), most won’t admit they see or feel this as their awakening hasn’t come yet and thats fine I’m learning as its my role to help those awaken.

My journey has so far been one heck of an eye opener in a great way.

My message to all generations don’t fear the unknown turn the digital WiFi off and turn your mental one on there’s nothing to fear.

Peace love light


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