The power of words

I think we tend to forget the power and impact a few words can have on a single human beings day.

Last night before I went to bed I was inspired to send a mass message out to people on my Facebook friends and instagram lists telling them “In case noone has told you don’t forget how much of a beautiful strong human being you are 👌👌👌”

I never thought much about the impact it may or may not have nor the responses I may or may not get, I woke up this morning did my usual then opened my phone to find 30+ replies.

Some from people being very thankful for the kind words as they have been enduring a tough period in their life  and it’s given them a little bit of light, the greatest feeling I had was that little impact I made to those with their hidden stories or battles and the light of hope it shone on them if anything it lifted me.

Never underestimate the power of your words they can hurt or they can help just think before you say be kind to yourselves  and others.

Peace love light 



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