I’ve been giving myself some tough self talk lately  I preach alot about reflections and how we see the world is generally a reflection of ourselves.

I realised after some self talk that wow alot of the ways I have seen the world and formed views on it is exactly how I am truly seeing and defining myself both in the negative and positive

The reflection of ego

I found myself seeing certain people I come across as egotistical or arrogant to some extent, I realised this is a lot of how I see myself its actually me with the ego rather than them I realised it was a slap in the face yes but a good one as I needed to let go of this thinking and replace it with a new thinking I have since started saying to myself every time I start to think in the egotistical sense “they are on a journey like you they don’t understand you as you don’t them remember that”

Here I was thinking I had let go of the egotistical side of me when I really hadn’t in fact I probably supressed rather than accepted it and worked through it.

Just a big lesson learned about accepting and working through rather than suppression of behaviours.

Peace love light



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