Change and chaos

They both go hand in hand don’t they both in a good and bad manner,  the change brings chaos because your stepping out of a comfort zone, ditching an old habit or practice, implementing a new standard at work or changing your physical or mental health it all is change though some chaos may not be as visible as the obvious ones we see physically taking place before our eyes.

Why is there chaos with change its because that comfort zone no longer exists and in turn we must adapt to the changing behaviours or environment which in turn sets off a chain of anxiety and frustration  and in some circumstances we try to fight causing ourselves  exacerbated chaos.

What happens if we accepted change is inevitable and know that in order to adapt we must be willing to learn about this new change, find ways or systems to manage through The change  would there be less chaos? Yes there would but would still exist to a degree because of variances of life beyond our control.

We can lessen the impact of chaos that change brings on us with our thinking, perspective and knowing that it’s all inevitable at the end of the day.

Never fear change just accept it don’t fight the chaos just know it will pass too.

Peace love light


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