My job and me

14 years I have worked in the security sector have held down 3 job roles in that time most have been senior or supervisory roles.

Nothing has changed me more than my current job which I have now been at almost 6 years.

I remember upon acceptance to this role the first question I get asked was ” are you sure you can handle this job” I replied without even thinking and said yes  I think I can, little did I know it was to be 6 years of challenges, tests and maturing for me.

I have never had a job role thats challenged me to grow in so many ways and taught me in both the good and bad most of all gave me clarity in the type of leader I wish to be through learning from all the examples of people in front of me some positive some negative but none the less painted a clear picture for me to pave the way in my job.

Lead by example they say I do as that says though not without many bumps and curves in the road, my team taught me along the way how to also be a good leader, to show compassion to show acknowledgement and to nurture with patience rather than rush with impatience.

And today I sit here asking myself

Geez what would it be if I hadn’t of taken this job where would I be and whom would I be though I now realised that trust and confidence in my up most abilities to get the job done which has been the biggest learning curve.
Peace love light

Andy. P


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