What I feel

Sadness when we are unknind, cruel, harmful or degrading to our fellow human beings, why do we feel compelled to project such hate, aggression, violence towards another human being we all have our journeys our stories why can’t we as human beings respect one another for that.

Instead I see social media accounts blowing up with judgement, unkind behaviour, hate, belittlement even ostracism of a fellow human being because their different, the power of words can be damaging regardless and it can have a damaging affect on someone, we do it all over social media complaining, judging cursing people without their knowledge or the ability to defend themselves.

Yet we expect people to respect us to not judge us to love us but then were disrespecting a fellow human being it doesn’t matter if they annoy you or not rather than be unknind behind their back exercise compassion to their face it won’t hurt you.

Honesty, compassion, forgiveness and kindness your capable of it and there’s nothing to absolutely fear of them.
Peace love and light 



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