The world as it is I just don’t understand

In light of a  recent alleged terrorist attack in the UK and the outpour of sympathy on social media outlets as such.

My heart does go out to these people injured and passed away from this terror attack its not a pleasant feeling to see your world plunge into chaos and living in fear, it’s outright scary.

What puzzles me though is two similar situations months apart and a completely different response from the social media world.

Syria children were victim of a chemical weapons attack I don’t think I saw as much social media outpour as what I have seen for the Manchester attacks victims in both these attacks were human life some young some old, but the publics reaction completely different to both, in the Syrian case they were blaming politicians everything was anger filled on the other hand the Manchester attacks there has been an awesome outpouring of love which is what’s needed.

I guess what I’m trying to say is why arr our reactions to the loss or harm of human life varied depending on the circumstances why don’t we exercise the same love kindness and compassion for loss of life under any circumstances especially that of a cruel nature.

Kindness compassion and love cannot be defined in any way but its simplest forms

My heart goes out to all lives lost in horrendous circumstances as everyone’s life is valuable to this earth.

Peace love light 



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