Negative Self talk 

Its that old saying “talking to yourself is the first sign of madness” that may be so in the past so to speak.

Theres two types of self talk I’m learning and I will cover them below.


This is the kind of self talk that can send us on a major downward spiral, resulting in massive mental health issues or behavioural issues which can diminish our self belief, esteem and confidence, we’ve all dabbled in it believe it or not no one can honestly say they haven’t some of us just don’t let it consume us we rather let it drive us through to beating our demons.

I too myself have been in negative self talk zone sometimes for months sometimes days or weeks or even a couple of hours, the effects of It really clouded my judgement, emotions and basically denying me of any logical or realistic thinking and in effects kept me in the dark and out of the small progressive light.

It all takes part with the chemicals in our brain our mindset is more than just a physical state of mind I believe and it all derives from the chemicals and neurons that transmit signals around our brain and body, so when you begin to negative self talk a different picture begins to be painted your emotions slowly start to change a negative mindset takes place and  it may only take a incremental event for this to start the rolling ball much like your pain threshold is carried through out your body by similar means of transmission hence pain killers block those signals and give you that so called pain relief.

Its causes may also stem from traumatic events in the early years of our life especially our childhood even down to a lack of affection we can often devalue ourselves as a result in the early on set.

How do we break the negative talk cycle and the downward spiral? From my personal experience you have to start looking Deep within yourself reconnect with you and ask yourself the tough questions, for me it was a matter of finding self belief and constantly telling myself little positive things to get the ball rolling in the opposite direction once that started happening the darkness turned to light slowly, not saying this will work for everyone we all have to find a way to manage the method to the madness of negative self talk and bring ourselves back into the light.

Just remember this 

The day you were born was the day you were accepted and approved in this world and if your going to approve of yourself do so in your imperfect state.
Peace love light



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