Positive self talk

That old saying “talking to yourself is the first sign of madness” well that maybe in the past so to speak or not, it can be the a sign of success and confidence in your abilities to.

I have covered negative self talk previously this blog won’t probably be as long but will cover it through my personal experiences and beliefs.

Just as much as we fall into the spiral of negative self talk we can climb back into the light of positive self talk through the same methods that took us the other way, though it seems much more easier to manifest negative than positive action and we are always in denial of the positive and affirmative of the negative.

How do we engage in positive talk through self connection self belief and the ability to change our perspective on life and how we approach things, we can talk ourselves into it as easy as we can out of it the choice is upto you and yes sometimes it takes a person to shine a little light on us give us some validation which can ignite a little spark within us.

It’s a slow process but you have to start accepting the little things in life the incremental positives so to speak, like making it to the end of a tough day or week or simply surviving and reminding yourself “hey I survived” those little reminders can build you up slowly, take praise where its given and believe in it.

Write down the positives be it you’ve raised 2 kids, withstood bullying or kept going even when knocked down time after time when you put these into self talk more and more even those tough days become a breeze, because you’ve trained your mind to see you differently to believe in you more, its a constant and repetitive cycle but its the constant effort that wins the day.

We’re much like a plant in a garden we grow even on the harshest days be it.

Exercise loving kindness to you and your soul.

Peace love light

Andy. P


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