A scary moment

Life has presented me and will present you with many a fearful scary moment we quite often unless we have experienced them don’t know how to handle them and manoeuvre emotionally through them.

One of the most scariest moments of my life was back in 2013, when I knew my marriage was on the verge of break up it hadn’t worked out for months we fought and argued as much as we tried to keep it together we inevitably split up, what created the most fear in me was the future of the unknown, being a single parent, how would I manage, what’s going to happen how am I going to cope financially I just had all these fears of the unknown closing in on me.

I had a lot of emotions going through me that of frustration, anger, depression, sadness and many more, some were indirectly aimed at the break up and some were just generated because of my clouded emotional state which lead to me break outs of yelling down the phone, ranting text messages and tears as well.

Now that I look back on it I find it intriguing how much fear can control us even in the positive light it can drive us to explore and grow  living fearlessly and in the negative light adversely control our emotions on every level leading to clouded judgement.

If your ever faced with a fearful situation treat it as a platform of growth and maturity though you will have heightened emotions become aware and work through them even the smallest plants grow in the heaviest storms or they fly with the wind.
Peace love light


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