Weathering the storm

Ever seen the sun light precede the storm and our fears go away but during the storm we are scared and fearful?
We happily bask in the suns light and warmth but fear the storm

Don’t fear the storm as its the greatest part of life’s journey no journey of discovery was ever successful without enduring stormy times, embrace the storm don’t fear it.



Gratitude for the world

Truly am grateful for the amazing meditation I have been able to achieve recently I have found myself more mindful as I go more aware

 I am grateful for the resources I have access too in order to practice 

I am grateful for the environment in which I live on natures doorstep to which I meditate with every morning

I am grateful for the people I have met that have opened my eyes and shown me the support on my journey

Meditation is truly a beautiful thing much like how we build physical strength and restructure our physical aspect meditation helps restructure the mind opening up the connections to a deeper side wiring our mindfulness and raising our vibrations 
Namaste love and blessings to you all

Single for a year

Well I’ve been single for over a whole year intact 14 months  or just a tad over, I’ve dated but not relationshiped in the serious sense.

The universe has sent some interesting people my way, some from the past  and some new, some challenging and some just a passing shadow.

As much I would love the company of another human being in the romantic sense I feel the universe isn’t sending it my way for a good reason which I’m not sure what is but I trust it anyways.

To go from being a chronic dater and relationship hopper to virtually riding solo hasn’t been easy, it has had some tough times to be honest, some tough lessons as well, I still get a little bit of envy when I see a couple happy in a relationship then I realise I must trust the journey as I know it will be worth it well one would hope so.

Tonight I’m feeling a tad lonely to be honest going home from work to a quiet empty house has its pros and cons some nights the cons are there more than the pros and working through them can prove to be to tasking and I often feel  like goinh back to my old habits as its escape from this tribulation.

Here’s to seeing what life has in store for me 

Love and light


Moving on Or suppressing the past

I notice a trend of human behavior and the big one is our admittance to moving on what’s the difference between truthfully moving on and superficially moving on?

I believe its defined in the followings


the ability to accept what’s happened be it we have been hurt, in essence owning it is truthfully part of moving on as we have accepted that its happened we don’t find ways to stay connected to the event we actually find ways to disconnect emotionally mentally and even spiritually as we know its no longer even though it may crop up we don’t absorb we accept as a part of us so we are always able to move on we’ve dealt with it, confronted it and conquered it.


We find some way to keep ourselves emotionally connected to the experience, we put on a fake happiness in order to give the impression to the world we have in fact moved on and not clinging onto it we live off affirmations and quotes online, when in fact you know the real truth and its killing you but you continually suppress with empty relationships, parties, workaholic behaviour and so forth, but under all that you are still not moved on then one day it all comes falling down because like anything it has its cause and affect factor.

You cannot fear to confront and conquer your bad experiences be it relationships or work and so on because if you don’t it will damn right eat at you and you will live a life with your soul in suffering.

Trust me deal with it then you will be free as the only true path to liberation is confront and accept.
Peace love light


unfaithfulness and me

Something I want to admit and I’ve never done it openly if anything I’ve done it behind closed doors, not that it’s anyone’s business but I do believe for me this is a part of my healing its what’s shaped me to be the soul I am today.

I was once a troubled soul lost fearful, insecure and superficial, I did things that often lead me to hurt others I have since healed from the loneliness and fearing of it.

I am now peeling back one more layer of this coocoon that I have lived in.

During my marriage I wasn’t happy towards the end so I did some ridiculous things 

  1. I joined a swingers website and started cam chatting with other women, I got caught by my wife at the time but rather than admit it I played victim made excuses did anything I could besides take absolute responsibility for my actions and addressing it, I lived in denial even when it hurt her and put her in tears I still persisted on with the excuses to justify myself this went on for some time until our marriage split.

I often tried to justify what cheating was But to be honest there is no justification or label its just plain unfaithfulness as I recently came to understand

  1. Trust is a sacred bond and your actions can do damage
  2. If your unhappy change the situation be it separation or discuss with your partner
  3. Don’t hide anything be it your feelings your emotions or your insecurities as part of a relationship is to work through all this to build a stronger bond

You cannot fear honesty or being alone okay you have to talk unfaithfulness hurts and it can break an already damaged soul.

Being honest is the greatest act of integrity and humility 

Peace love light


Premature decision making

Often we try and project conclusions or outcomes through over thinking over analyzing playing scenarios out in our head eventually leading to our demise, I used to do it quite a lot hence the anxiety the pushing away of friendships and so forth, I and you need to learn to live presently and mindful and know change is inevitable and no amount of predicting or planning may never prepare us  for the outcome





Peace love light