Be the change you want to see in the world

I’m still taking a long hard think about this as I sift through the thoughts emotions reflections of my destination to date.

I take a lot from experiences I learn be it negative or positive I take a situation now more so than ever and ask myself what do I not like about it why you ask?

Because as the title and quote goes

Be the change you want to see in the world

This can be taken in many contexts some negative some positive.

For me its about my personal growth I see judgement, criticism, ego and a few other things and realise if I absorb them I become them and my world becomes that but, if I make a choice to go the other way acknowledge that experience or behaviour and educate myself to be the opposite in a world full of judgement and frustration.

I’m learning to be the calming voice or the kind heart depending on what the universe puts in front of me ultimately, this is no easy feat its a struggle some days as I get frustrated and go ” why  are we doing this to each other” or I absorb it hold it in which isn’t recommended.

Its a big learning curve which I’m trying to negotiate as I want to be that change I want to see in today’s world, I want to show people that compassion, humility, loving kindness and forgiveness all still exist.

I believe this journey is teaching day by day experience by experience to be that change and I will hopefully and so can you don’t forget that nothing is impossible.

Peace love light

Andy. P


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