Happiness and us

Well I pose this question because I saw a particular Facebook post which made me ponder how true is our actual happiness??

I remember when I was 154kgs without a care in the world and happy as Larry even though my internal health was taking a hit I wasn’t really aware of, I embarked on a journey to lose the weight it was a tough uncomfortable but passionate slog, yes I am about 54kgs lighter.

But the question is am I really happier? To be honest it’s been more of a struggle with My happiness having the weight off(yes I do have the benefits of a healthier life) but that doesnt mean I was truly happy within, the correlation between fitness and mental health improvement has its merits it helps with the chemical balances in our mind and body and can be therapeutic to some extent.

I have honestly struggled with true inner happiness since my weight loss I have been my harshest critic and neglected a lot of self love weight loss has taught me life skills such as determination, courage, letting go of fear and managing failure and patience but they haven’t brought me any true happiness regardless of wether I’m standing alone or in a crowd I still cannot find that true inner happiness.

So my question to you is how true is your happiness is your weight loss making you happier if not maybe a change of perspective or goals for it, are you doing it to make you truly happy or to prove a point? I pose these questions because

  1. I fuelled my weight loss with a lot of proving people wrong mentality especially those that teased me for my weight.
  2. Because I thought it would make others around me proud of me and happy and in turn that would make me happy.

It all starts from within I’m learning doing something to prove a point or to avenge those that doubted you will bring you a superficial happiness as you are purely doing it to seek approval outside when the true approval lies within you.

Inner happiness comes from doing things with passion and compassion just the action itself leaves you with fulfilling happiness next time you set out to find or create your happiness ask yourself

  1.  what is this going to achieve 
  2. why do I want to do it 
  3. Will this bring me happiness


Peace love and light



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