Meditation and our mind

When we hear the term meditation a lot of people would probably associate with simply laying there breathing with your eyes closed and you end up walking feeling relaxed that was my perception as well.

But its much more than that as I’ve discovered on my journey, it truly has taught me mindfulness.

My psychologist used to talk to me about practicing mindfulness I never really knew what it was or how to do it and I probably should’ve done my research but I didn’t.

It wasn’t until I came across a lovely little place about an hours train ride from me that I truly learned what meditation was all about along with listening to the talks of Buddhist venerable ajahn brahm that it all started to make sense.

I learned rather than to fight the thoughts running through your head accept them and let them pass, you see our mind is much like a great adventurer or explorer, that leaves his homeland to see the world only to return sometime later free and happy and full of insight.

If you stopped that explorer from exploring how do you think they would react, they would most likely become frustrated trying to fight against it along with anxiety as well, if we fight our thoughts and emotions we only create harm to ourselves, the key is to accept but not absorb be mindful of your emotions and thoughts but don’t let them control you as know they soon shall pass like everything else.

Meditation has taught me about true mindfulness and how to be at peace with my mind body and soul acceptance not absorption is I believe the key to true mindfulness and you don’t need to do Great big long meditation sessions Everyday sometimes I do it  4 times a week for 15 to 20 or like this week I’ve only done it twice its never about the quantity just the quality.

Peace love light 



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