Add value to life

Add value is a terminology I’ve come across in both the business sector and now life as well, one saying one purpose two different fields of life below are two definitions I found one on a business site the other on Cambridge dictionary site

added valuenoun [ U ]

 UK  /ˌæd.ɪd ˈvæl.juː/ US /ˌæd.ɪd ˈvæl.juː/

an improvement or addition to something that makes it worthmore:

The printer’s added value makes it worth the extra cost.

Business definition

Added value = the difference between the price of the finished product/service and the cost of the inputs involved in making it

So added value is the increase in value that a business creates by undertaking the production process.

  • In very simple terms it means we are appreciating the value in something through imoroving the process It took to produce it.

When you talk about adding value to your life what comes to mind? 

Happiness? Money? Job? Holiday?

Do we often asses the value add of life when we make these decisions or do we just make them because its what we desire?

The way know if it adds value to our happiness is to truly become aware and mindful only then can we ask ourselves the question does this add value to my life or happiness?

We can’t be afraid to ask ourselves this question as it may set us free from attachment to materialistic prosperity empty relationships we hold onto in fear or even a job that we only stay in because we fear our own abilities.

We have the key to our own happiness We can only depreciate or appreciate the value of our happiness, don’t fear happiness don’t be afraid of loneliness and know that your limitless and boundless in what you can achieve in this world.

Add some value to your life its essential and deserved but remember you must ask this question first otherwise you will never know true happiness.

Peace love light



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