Mastering our negativity

We often absorb the negativity in our life to some extent and can let it consume us in a negative fashion rather than a more driven positive one.

I’ve been reading a book recently where a quote made in it really hit me outta left field

Do not let yourself be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good

Romans 12:21

It’s sooo easy to focus on the worst of a situation or the ugliness of one rather than the light thats dimly glowing upon it, the one thing I’ve learned is to look for the the little increments of positive within every situation for example

Bad day at the gym and two ways to view it

  1. It was crap I didn’t get what I wanted to get done I failed at everything or
  2. Nothing went the way I wanted but I still gave it my best

Its easy to be consumed by negatives in every situation because a lot of our reactions are based on one of two things

  1. Emotionally clouded thought processes meaning our emotions ultimately do the thinking for us losing sight of the logical aspect
  2. The mindful and awareness thought process which allows us to see those incremental positives in situations

Most of our reactions I believe can be linked back to these two systems of thought process, as I’ve learned since becoming more aware and mindful that every or most aspects to our lives have logical and realistic component to them and clouded emotional thinking is the more irrational of the two.

By no means am I saying don’t exercise emotions I’m saying be more mindful of them the physical ones not the mental ones if you cry you cry you laugh you laugh  accept them but don’t absorb them to control your thought processes.

Peace love and light



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