Words is just all they are

As I scroll through the news feeds on Instagram and Facebook I peer into articles and posts just to see the comments and human behavior, it’s become a day and age where we must feel compelled to react or respond to something posted or even defend ourselves from judgment or criticism both in real life and social networking.

Why do we do this? Do we

  1. Not know our own value or have self belief enough to know who and what we are that we have to engage in arguments or long posts or
  2.  do we feel a safe haven behind a screen in which to defend our actions or justify ones self whilst we remain an insecure person

We engage in arguments not debates  over social media we respond with emotional irrationality I’ve done it myself then read back on it and thought what the hell was I thinking, it can come across as nonsensical jibberish to honest with no real fabric to it.

I can tell you  though that you are no obligated to justify yourself or actions to anyone but your loved ones whom do deserve the up most honesty from yourself even if they don’t understand why you did it thats okay its you that truly understands why or what.

Here’s some advice

  1. Be honest with yourself 
  2. Become mindful and aware
  3. Ask yourself does it add value to my happiness or the process  and remember
  4. Know your value as their only words after all

You do not need to waste unnecessary energy on things that do not add value to your present happiness or situation




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