Battle with my ego

I’ve been in a struggle with my egotistical side it keeps cropping up at unexpected times in the most unexpected places.

It has constantly cropped up at the gym more so than any other place, I will be honest I am dealing with issues of inadequacy, insecurity and envy  some days worse some days good and apart of those is my ego especially in a place like the gym.

I used to be able to just workout without worrying about what everyone else is doing around and just stay focused on my goals, but as of late I’ve either lost that  ability or feel theres a need to prove myself for some unknown reason.

I keep telling myself

  • Focus on your journey
  • Focus on your goals
  • Focus on you

Try to forget there is anyone else around you, it can prove to be difficult to do that being the friendly person I am lol.

My egotistical side has been the hardest part of me to shake off it has only came around in the last 3 years since I lost the weight and it has hung around since.

I acknowledge it but not sure how I can confront it in order to live life peacefully.

Peace love light



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