What is your happiness worth??

Is it measured in dollars and cents

Is it measured in social media followers?

Is it measured in how you make others happy?

Is it measured by the way you see the world?

Is it measured by how many pairs of shoes or hats you own?

Your happiness is truly measured by whatever  means that makes you happy with loving kindness and compassion.

We seem to be caught up in social media frenzies often doing what we think makes us happy because we see how happy it makes someone else, just remember the only reflection to live through is yours.

I believe peer pressure and succumbing to it can play a big part of  it even being a people pleaser or approval addict too  has us living a false sense of happiness as we feel if we make work to keep the other person happy that it will aid in our happiness, it’s all on your intentions at the end of the day.

  1. we can make people happy with the intent of wanting to impact lives positively which gives us fulfilment OR 
  2. We can go out of our way to simply please them make them happy as to avoid confrontation or because your to afraid to not upset them so their happiness = your happiness essentially

just remember this your happiness is measured

  1. BY YOU
  2. FOR YOU

Don’t fear being the rainbow on a grey day or the loud amongst the quiet or the individual amongst the pack  

Show no fear and create your own measure of happiness


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