Respect is better given or earned?

You often here the phrase coined “earned their  respect” or “I earned their respect” 

Seldomly do you hear “I gave my respect”  as quite often were accustomed with just receiving such things as respect rather than giving.

We often go to work putting all this work in in hope of earning the respect of our peers at work or we start doing something to earn the respect of people we barely know be it a gym or something.

How often do we do it to earn our respect for ourselves rather than the respect of others? Enter self respect and giving respect

We have Become a society of takers more and more as we evolve and have forgotten the simple act of unconditional giving and that relates back to respect as well as anything else in life.

And giving yourself and others respect without the expectation of earning respect in return is an empowering act for ourselves and will eventually lead you to be given not earned respect in return.

  1. Empower yourself
  2. Know your worth
  3. Give and the universe shall give in return.

Peace love light

Andy. P


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