The quiet

Ever just sat in a park and just listened and observed? Or just sat on your front porch or in today’s world just scrolled through social media news feeds reading articles and comments without actually contributing?

It’s amazing I’ve learned that when you start to quieten yourself and just observe, the more the world actually teaches you, whilst debating is a great source of learning so is utter silence to listen and absorb is a great educator.

It can teach you:

  1. Awareness
  2. Mindfulness of others
  3. Add value to your happiness
  4. Being present 
  5. Seeing truth

I have always been a big practitioner of people watching but truly didn’t realize the power of it until I silenced my mind and my mouth and just watched.

I now know when its best to contribute and when its best to pass over and keep going through life be it my own personal affairs or social media.

Peace love light 



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