A trip to the psychologist

So after a year since my last visit to the psychologist I decided to book in to check in with him and share my journey to date

Dr John perera and myself

So 2 years ago I was diagnosed with low range depression and  reactive anxiety as part of the diagnosis and treatment I was put on a mental health plan which a part of that includes visits to a psychologist.

My first few visits he analysed me as one does discussed my history as they do in order to find a root cause and help with treatment, alot of my anxiety derived from a number of contributing factors

  1. Loss of confidence
  2. Low self esteem 
  3. Over thinking
  4. Bullying from my past school years

The list could go on but those are what I believe contributed to my anxiety.

It was a bit of a roller coaster during the treatment as I didnt take it all that seriously to be honest I took the meds and didnt really practice the mindfulness and breathing as to be honest I didnt really know what mindfulness was about or what it did and even at one stage because I thought I was good I went cold turkey off my medication *insert facepalm* well.done Andrew lol

Under some harsh advice of a couple of friends I went back on them. This time things were different, the journey was different my eye were opened a little more.

So we come to.today and after telling my story and journey the psychologist did praise me on the eye contact factor when conversating with him as that was where I majorly lacked along with the compliment of My articulate nature.

I never went in with today to seek feedback or approval just to conversate and pay thanks to him 

Mental health for today’s male can be a tough issue to speak out about especially if your going through it yourself, I did the one thing that probably empowered me to start my journey and that was speak out about it don’t fear your anxiety, depression, PTSD or whatever it is you have talk about it embrace it as the more you fight it and try running from.it the more tired  your going to get.
Peace love and light



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