Today’s meditation

Just  wow is all I’m going to say
It went for a whole 16 minutes but the waves of energy I felt roll up my legs and through my body felt as if I was laying on the beach in the sand letting the waves crash in and roll over me.

I feel peace today I feel clear I have more clarity and I am grateful for what’s been put in front of me.

Just remember meditation like most things in life is about the quality of it not the quantity, you don’t have to do great big long meditation sessions I average 10-15 mins a session about 3 times a week.

 Even if you start with 5 minutes twice a week and focus on the basics of breathing and letting your thoughts just flow through like a river, the key is don’t fight your thoughts or mind just be with them and eventually things start to flow.

Be at one with your mind and thoughts 

Namaste and blessings

Andy. P


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