Constant and concious effort

How do we truly attain the goals we set out to want to achieve I’ve learned and still learning it only comes through both concious and constant effort without them  any goal you want to achieve may not be as attainable as you expect


  • You need to know why you want to achieve this goal 
  • You need to be aware that life will no doubt play its part on the path towards it
  • You  need to ask yourself will it make me happy
  • You need to be aware failure is a part of the path 
  • You need to be aware that the path may be long 
  • You need to assert realistic goals and expectations on the path to these goals 
  • Reassess your strategy if something isn’t working
  • Don’t fear going two steps back in order to go a half step forward a step is a step


  • Put in the effort focus on the quality not quantity
  • If you find something that works stick with it as it adds to the constancy of consistency
  • Even if you can’t give %110 give the best you got anyways as it all adds up on that path
  • Don’t beat yourself up on the bad days know that your still putting it in

People often fear their goals as they look at it in super size views and instantly become intimidated by it, the way I’ve learned is to break the goal down into smaller goals micro goals so to speak and focus your energy on each of those micro goals creating a path behind you towards your goal.


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