Moving on Or suppressing the past

I notice a trend of human behavior and the big one is our admittance to moving on what’s the difference between truthfully moving on and superficially moving on?

I believe its defined in the followings


the ability to accept what’s happened be it we have been hurt, in essence owning it is truthfully part of moving on as we have accepted that its happened we don’t find ways to stay connected to the event we actually find ways to disconnect emotionally mentally and even spiritually as we know its no longer even though it may crop up we don’t absorb we accept as a part of us so we are always able to move on we’ve dealt with it, confronted it and conquered it.


We find some way to keep ourselves emotionally connected to the experience, we put on a fake happiness in order to give the impression to the world we have in fact moved on and not clinging onto it we live off affirmations and quotes online, when in fact you know the real truth and its killing you but you continually suppress with empty relationships, parties, workaholic behaviour and so forth, but under all that you are still not moved on then one day it all comes falling down because like anything it has its cause and affect factor.

You cannot fear to confront and conquer your bad experiences be it relationships or work and so on because if you don’t it will damn right eat at you and you will live a life with your soul in suffering.

Trust me deal with it then you will be free as the only true path to liberation is confront and accept.
Peace love light



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