Single for a year

Well I’ve been single for over a whole year intact 14 months  or just a tad over, I’ve dated but not relationshiped in the serious sense.

The universe has sent some interesting people my way, some from the past  and some new, some challenging and some just a passing shadow.

As much I would love the company of another human being in the romantic sense I feel the universe isn’t sending it my way for a good reason which I’m not sure what is but I trust it anyways.

To go from being a chronic dater and relationship hopper to virtually riding solo hasn’t been easy, it has had some tough times to be honest, some tough lessons as well, I still get a little bit of envy when I see a couple happy in a relationship then I realise I must trust the journey as I know it will be worth it well one would hope so.

Tonight I’m feeling a tad lonely to be honest going home from work to a quiet empty house has its pros and cons some nights the cons are there more than the pros and working through them can prove to be to tasking and I often feel  like goinh back to my old habits as its escape from this tribulation.

Here’s to seeing what life has in store for me 

Love and light



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