When life challenges us

Normally for most people the thought of a challenge or change can scare us, for those open to challenges they meet it with enthusiasm, I am  right now sitting at the crossroads of a change I’ve gone through a lot of growing in a short time and with the recent events I am facing growth of a new kind and I’m not even sure what to do where to start or how to cultivate it to be honest.

A big part of me is lost and a smaller part of me knows if I go through with it life will be a lot more free and clearer but I am tired I have done so much growing in a short time my current emotions just want to curl up in a ball from the world.

I’m impatient I will admit not as impatient as I once was but none the less impatient and mainly when it comes to building relationships as I’ve never honestly built one all my relationships have been honestly rushed into so I have no idea on what to do or where to look the idea of building a relationship and exercising patience scares me because I’ve never done it before.

Life has thrown me one of the biggest challenges of growth to date and I wish I knew what to do my souls tired my hearts tired and my minds tired.




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