The giving and receiving of care

As I woke this morning I had a message from a friend saying “I’m worried about you” that was after a couple of posts highlighting my current mental state of mind the night before, I never thought much of It I never in all honesty expected Anyone to care either as its my belief that some human beings are honestly to busy to care or to even stop and think for a moment.

I know in my heart I’m okay with giving  unconditional care to anyone I cross but I’ve never felt the need to receive it and if anything receiving it makes me feel awkward because of my belief system and it leads to me questioning it or deflecting it.

Some parts of me are ready to receive and give and some are just ready to give and some to receive, I don’t believe I’m not deserved of receiving the gift of caring from others, I just believe my current belief system is causing me to feel that way.

Its a part of my wall where there is no windows or doors and I hope to be able to carve them.out one day to let the gift of caring in.

Love light and blessings

Andy. P


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