Your way of thinking

Quite often we are faced with what we believe is a difficult situation, person or we believe that someone can damage us.

Here’s some news for you noone can damage you beyond repair and no situation or person/s are difficult, it revolves around your way of thinking as I’ve learned.

Most will call bullshit on this theory but its far from the truth, no situation or person is ultimately difficult your just not tuned into a different way of thinking or as aware, sometimes we have to change our way of thinking or approach to a situation.

Much like a plane coming into land may not be able to land due to a storm or obstructed run way or even mechanical  so it has to take a new approach to landing safely or with minimal damage.

You can do that too with your change of thinking and approach towards anything you encounter in life, the key is in you like most other things its all in you!!!

We can either sit there and play victim point fingers make excuses or we can asses our way of thinking in order to navigate the situation the choice is in your hands.

Just remember Monday is another day of the week nothing more nothing less and if you dont like your job either change jobs or alter the way you see it.

Love and light



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