The good in everyone 

Ever said to someone or believed you see the good in someone?

I do everyday but I do based on the truth that we were all born with a pure heart and innocent mind not based on the actions I see in front of me conducted by someone actions may speak louder than words but truth is powerful.

I learned this lesson through a person whom I now call a close friend she taught after all I had put her through she kept forgiving and befriending me, I asked her one day why are you  still friends with me, she said to me because I still see good in you.

It shocked me as I couldn’t understand her logic but now it makes sense to me as we all originated with pure hearts and innocent minds.

There is good in everyone but sadly for some they’ve experienced something in their lifetime that has warped that and caused a change inside them, they too suffer because of that and don’t know any other way to be the person they once were.

So just remember before you decide to exercise hate or an unforgiving attitude that we were all born with pure hearts and an innocent mind.

Love light


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