Cause and effect

Everything we do in life I believe is driven by a cause and effect factor, something is fabricated from something far deeper.



[kawzuh nd-i-fekt, –uh n-]


  1. noting a relationship between actions or events such that one or more are the result of the other or others.


Ever wondered why a robber became a robber or a woman is jealous or insecure?

Unfaithfulness be the cause and  be the effect of that it makes sense when you step back and look at the bigger picture because your not born jealous or insecure its fabricated from events or just a event which alters our way of thinking within the brains structure.

Hence a person is not born a murderer or a robber or etc something has once again triggered a brain restructure causing them to think thats a normal way of life sadly and they live a life of internal suffering as a result

Though the negative cause and effect I believe can be truly harder to reprogram but by no means impossible.


Pretty much the ultimate reverse of negative cause and effect, ever seen a happy person with an optimistic outlook on life and you wonder how they became that way?

It definitely didn’t happen overnight they may have been nurtured in such a way as a child through to adolescent years that programmed their brain to see the world in that manner, such as treating people with loving kindness and compassion as well as not passing judgement.

As I’ve learned from my own experience with mental health a lot of it is dependent on your mental software and to be able to reprogram it to see the world in a different light can contribute to breaking free of the issue known as “dancing with the black dog”

It takes alot of patience like anything we do as its Harder to break negative mental software to create positive mental software  it may take a few years it make take a couple who knows but it takes time

So if your going through an experience with mental illness just be patient know the real you is there the innocent kind heart ready to give love.

And never judge a book by its cover we all have our stories please remember that before you judge a person committing a crime and remember they weren’t born a criminal.

Love and blessings

Andrew. P


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