Everything you want

Ever just wanted to

Feel loved



Trusted and accepted

Everything you want out there lies within you and starts within you, starts with connecting to you, your soul and heart.

You can’t expect to be any of those things if you dont first love and accept yourself we can’t expect someone to love and accept us unconditionally if we don’t truly accept and love ourselves from within, otherwise you will forever live a life of unfulfilled love and empty relationships never truly feeling what love is meant to feel like.

I know this because I spent 2 years post marriage in and out of  empty relationships and dating looking for connection with someone else, when what I really needed was to connect with me and listen to my own voice, ask myself the hard questions.

When you do this expect to be shocked as the realisation of your behaviours come to fruition here starts the journey, you cannot fear the questions or the answers but accept them and let the universe  show you the way.

You will never truly have a meaningful loving relationship outside if you dont start with the inside.

Blessings and light

Be the river

Andrew. P

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