Take ownership

One thing I’m starting to learn about life is we are the catalyst for our own behaviours, actions, reactions, emotions and so forth but we often lay the blame for them upon someone else rather than take ownership of them we then spend most of our time  going through life blaming people for our past affecting our present and so forth.

YOU OWN YOU noone else does and noone else can, as there comes a point in time after all the tribulations faced only you have control over the emotions or the past and your perspective a plant takes ownership for the ground it is planted in and chooses to grow or wither through the storms and bright days.

There is only so much finger pointing and excuse making one can do before the universe turns the tide on you and leaves you standing cold and alone wondering why me why me.

I recently took ownership for one of the biggest actions that plagued me that I seemingly made one excuse after another for and kept covering it and covering it  over, once I took ownership of it I was able to move forward knowing that it no longer owned me.

So unless you take ownership of your emotions, your past, your behaviours, bad habits etc will own you and you will never live a truly free and liberated life.

Love and blessings



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