Exposing vulnerabilities

Having your vulnerabilities exposed isn’t something I’ve intentionally let anyone do 

I never knew that it would feel like this I never thought I would feel stripped bare emotionally.

I’ve never let anyone do it I’ve always let my ego block it if anything I’ve only ever exposed what I believed were the only vulnerabilities I had.

But I was wrong someone has managed to hit me right in the feels and unknowingly expose two of my deepest vulnerabilities and I honestly feel scared, lost and and almost wanting to cry.

As I Sit in silence on my couch pondering how this could’ve happened how  could my ego truly not protect these vulnerabilities from coming to the surface I have to try to accept that this is what’s meant to be.

All the feelings I’m having are okay but it still leaves me with no reassurance as I still feel scared and emotionally naked, I don’t want this feeling to go away  I’m compelled to learn from it but also compelled to cry.

A little light of hope and understanding will hopefully come my way.



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