My gift and the flaw

I’ve discovered as of recent I have a gift a gift that allows me to bring happiness and hope to peoples lives, I realised I have the ability to help people heal as well as empower them.
The only thing is relationships and my gift don’t seem to go hand in hand in the moment as I seem to try and fix the person I struggle to accept them and just help them by being me and in turn I find myself getting frustrated I know that a relationship is built on accepting the flaws as well as their little perfections.

Don’t get me wrong every human being is beautiful and imperfectly perfect in their own unique way. And I accept that its just In a relationship I struggle with that concept, I know I have my flaws and I struggle to accept them and maybe that’s why I struggle with that aspect in a relationship.

Until I start accepting my own flaws I don’t think I will be ready for a relationship as I feel I will only ever see a reflection of myself in everyone else.

Love and light



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