The comfort zone

How easy is it to live there be it our house, bed, car or even workplace, Its like the shelter from a storm of lifes fears and challenges.

We become so used to our comfort zones we instantly turn to them when the fear of facing something torments us to the brink of anxiety.

I watched a documentary on the resurrection of Jake the snake Roberts and it was quoted by Scott hall

I always feel safe in the ring, It’s outside of it where the problems are I had no problems in the ring

Scott hall – WWE HALL OF FAME

It made me realise how often I’ve gone through life finding comfort zones even becoming addicted to  them, to a point where 

  • your in denial of your behaviours
  • you make excuses 
  • You only see and hear what you want 

It’s like being in a bubble with muffled sounds trying to penetrate the walls.

The biggest comfort zones I’ve had to break

  1. I was in a comfort zone of unhealthy eating gaining 54kgs even when my son was born I was so comfortable in that behavior that I didn’t want to lose weight.
  2. I was in  a comfort zone of working post marriage separation because I feared my financial situation and figured this was the easy way out and I couldn’t bare the thought of sitting with my thoughts on vacant weekends so I just went to work instead.
  3.  My working in progress Fearing loneliness I felt my comfort zone was in dating and constant relationships with others as I feared both a relationship with myself and life.

It took a lot to step out of these 3 comfort zones to accept my behaviors were not healthy it wasn’t something that happened overnight, with 2 out of the 3 of these  there has been pain, fear, anxiety, stress and so forth that I have had to encounter along with dark  moments.

Like anything its not easy to overcome for you, me or anybody the hardest part is the darkest days.

  1. Use the reason why you started as a catalyst to keep you going (slow down but don’t stop)
  2. Don’t fear taking two steps back to find a new step forward.
  3. Don’t fear asking yourself the toughest questions self insight is scary but powerful.
  4. Never fear asking for help or accepting help pride has no place for healingand remember

and remember

love light

Andrew. P


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