It is in all of us its something that has honestly helped me understand who I am and how powerful my story is in helping others realise their potential or to come out of their shell.

I started blogging as I was told that I am an expressionist not to mention also articulate with how I see the world, little did I realise that I have indirectly or even directly helped others in this world simply by sharing my stories, I have no fear in sharing my bad days or my good days because its who I am its a part of me that I am truly falling in love with.

We all have our unique ways of expressing ourselves some with art, some with poetry some with film either way it takes a degree of courage to share your darkest side with the world in a day and age where  fake positivity fake smiles are used to mask our pains.

We cannot fear the dark as the sun does not fear shining after the storm.

This is my gateway to expression find yours embrace it live it love it make it a part of who you are.

Love and light



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