Motivation what and why??

So after a conversation with a friend the other day regarding how they’ve lost their motivation to go to the gym in such a short time I decided to do some digging into the world of motivation and its dynamics.

the story that motivated me revolves around Mr X, now Mr X had a close friend whom passed away a few months ago, his emotions took quite the beating as did his mental health, Mr X decides to go to the gym to get out all this frustration so a few weeks go by and the gym was going good and all of a sudden he’s lost all motivation to go to the gym.

My theory was that he used his emotion as motivation to go to the gym, with the positive effects it has to ones body, I believed he had gotten to a point where he had in effects exercised all that negative emotion out of his system, leaving him with nothing further to motivate his need to go to the gym.

I’ve discovered two types of motivation that drive human behaviour.



The act of being motivated by internal factors to perform certain actions and behavior is called intrinsic motivation. In other words, intrinsic motivation means doing something just because you want to. There is neither pressure nor any sort of reward for your actions, but you still do them because you want to or you believe it’s the right thing to do.

Extrinsic Motivation


Whenever an individual performs an action or behavior because the individual is affected by the eternal factors such as rewards or punishments, such form of motivation is called extrinsic motivation. Whenever a person is motivated by external factors, whether to avoid negative consequences or to achieve positive outcomes, it is wholly considered to be extrinsic motivation.



If your motivation is truly driven by an external force to either prove someone wrong or gain materialistic reward usually in the form of job promotions more money or so on, you will usually end up feeling very dissatisfied and probably asking where your happiness is in all of this, motivation by external force is not what I would recommend you will not grow through it or find ever lasting happiness as you will always be competing with everyone else.


If your motivation is driven by an internal motive or energy, you will generally find a true sense of happiness as your motivation is driven by, passion,  belief, vision and drive, you get more satisfaction out of any result achieved through this motivation be it helping people, or self growth you will benefit from this type of motivation throughout your life as you have a clear idea and logical approach to your goals that aren’t driven by materialistic or emotional motives.

If you want to be truly happy in pursuing your goals I truly suggest you asses your motivation and ask yourself

  1. why am I doing this
  2. What do I feel it will accomplish
  3. Who am I doing it for
  4. When will I aim to accomplish


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