Running from my feelings

Man am I feeling it tonight.

A big part of my past behaviour was to run away feelings, isolate myself from the world and its so easily done in the day and age of digital technology, I was simply able to deactivate all my social media accounts to get away from the world.

Little did I know this wasn’t doing anything beneficial if anything the issue is still going to be there at the end of the day, running or isolating myself from it wasn’t a benefit if anything it was me refusing to deal with realities and normalities of life as we know it.

Every now and then the mood strikes me just to run away from the world, go into isolation and not face the loneliness that is, but a little voice tells me ” that won’t achieve anything the problem will still be there” and  its right.

It actually hurts to put myself through this and face this but I feel I must as I have no energy to run from things and I just want to find that true inner happiness

Love and light



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