To chat Or not to chat

Ever felt the need to just want to chat to someone especially in a day and age of social media but in the back of your mind, you feel that all your going to be is a burden or disruption or your not going to get a response and once you’ve gone through these motions of scrolling though your social media account you then decide its better off to stay silent.

I have realistic expectations of today’s world and Wouldn’t expect anyone to drop everything just to chat with me as we all have our own lives and business to attend to.

The last few days I will be honest a feeling of loneliness sits inside of me, the want to just hang out with someone keeps popping up but I feel what’s the point.

I really cannot shake this feeling to be honest It’s a part of me that creeps up once in a while and it hangs around for a couple of weeks, I wish I knew what the universe is trying to show me by this feeling and want.

Love and light



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