why do I FEEL lonely

I honestly wish I knew the reason why, but I believe there is no singular cause just a few individual causes that manifest into the feeling of loneliness and that further manifest into a false reality leading me to believe I am truly lonely when in fact I am not.

I feel envy, I feel I have no close friends, I feel my expectations of a friendship are different to that of my friends, I feel I am not close enough to the real me, all these feelings when manifested create an alternate emotional reality causing me to lose sight and belief of what my true reality is.


When you manifest your emotions in a negative light you create a false reality, i.e. loneliness you manifest a whole pile of thoughts around it to give you that reality that you are lonely when in fact in true reality you are not as you have yourself, your family, friends work colleagues.


it can help you break the cycle of a false reality when you start to manifest positive thoughts and emotions, you start to see your world for how it truly is the more you manifest these positive emotions the more you believe how good and grateful your life really is.

As I’ve learned emotional manifesting is what I believe to be an essential part of our emotional structure it can teach us and help us in growth.

Love and light



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