The world as my teacher

As I further embark on this journey

I’ve began to use life as my classroom and fellow human beings as my teacher, there’s no greater theatre to learn from than life and the world itself.

First though we must sit in silence and observe and listen, then we start building awareness and mindfulness of the world around us what I’ve learned from human observation.

  • We always chose a right or wrong
  • We always have to pick a side
  • We always have to prove a point
  • We always have to label everything in life
  • We are constantly judging others before we look at ourselves
  • We are constantly analyzing life
  • We react on emotions(say first think second)

A classroom at school taught us right and wrong on paper and in text books, life itself isn’t a text book or a piece of paper and theres no right or wrong just a way of thinkint and theres no little or big mistake just a mistake.

We hold onto things, manifesting anger, hate and frustration all for what? 

Your not living a truly free life just because you wake up every day a truly free life is to free your soul and yourself of attachment to  anger and hate and to live with forgiveness love and compassion.

Embrace your sufferings and then you will understand others.

Love and light 

Andy. P


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