Friend zone myth

Since I’ve been in the dating scene I’ve become quite accustomed to the terminology of “friend zone” 

why do we call it the friend zone?

Its like we’re trying to redefine friendship and relationship so we create this friend zone middle ground to alleviate the fear of being friends perhaps? Or we “friend zone” someone out of fear of relationship?

What are the definitions of friendship and relationship

Definition of friendship

  1. The emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.

  3. 1The way in which two or more people or things are connected, or the state of being connected.
  1. When you look at their definitions they’re not much dissimilar in all honesty, if anything the friend zone has  painted the term friendship in a very negative light and with it when “friend zoned” we often let our self worth and self esteem take a hit because of the negative light its created.

I believe we’ve created this friend zone factor to try and build some imaginary gap between friendship and relationship when there really isn’t as every day of your lives your living a form of relationship and friendship be it 

  • At work with colleagues
  • In business with a client
  • Being a parent
  • Being a teacher
  • With friends

All of these are relationships and in essence friendships as well pretty much a friendship is a relationship and a relationship is a friendship.

The only person that is friend zoning you is yourself with your  way of thinking  and you in all honesty are devaluing your true self when you start looking upon friendship as friend zoning, as everyone is worthy of friendships so get rid of the friend zone as it DOESN’T EXIST IT’S A MYTH


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